Our meals

Super quick

Starting at only 7 euros and ready in 5 minutes

Tasty and local

Fresh ingredients, straight from the farmer

Good for the planet

Sustainably cheffed, as little waste as possible

Make your dinner complete:
chef a soup or soda with it

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Fresh from the land,
delicious food on your plate

The farmer

Deliver fresh ingredients from their own soil

For every Cheffed meal, there’s a bunch of glowing farmers and growers who help make it happen. Our ingredients, where possible, are locally grown and can count on a Beter Leven and/or SKAL quality mark. In other words, you can eat your food with a good feeling.

The chef

Comes up with the meals and makes everything himself

Behind the simmering pans of Cheffed: our amazing chefs who shred, slice, stew and steam seven days a week to cook the most delicious soups and meals. Just for you!

The vending machine

Is open 24/7 and the meals are always fresh

Cheffed vending machines can be found at various locations in Amsterdam and Utrecht. With a bit of luck or thanks to Google Maps you’ll come across one on your way home or to work. Late for dinner? Our vending machines are open 24/7. The shelf life of our dishes is automatically checked, so a fresh meal is always guaranteed.

ready to eat

ready to eat