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3 reasons why Cheffed is a seriously good idea

Sustainable business

Contribute to the world of tomorrow

Recycling plastic, electric scooters, fair trade coffee in the canteen; sustainable choices are increasingly becoming the norm. The food industry is also going green more and more often. With a vending machine from Cheffed, your company is also doing its bit for a better world. Healthy food, good for the people, animals and the climate.

Extra service, and healthy too

A fresh meal 24/7 for staff, visitors and residents

Not everyone has the time (or desire) to whip up a healthy meal every day. With a Cheffed vending machine you make it easy for your staff, visitors and/or residents and you stimulate a healthy lifestyle. With its stylish appearance the vending machine is also nice to look at. Win-win!


Nothing to worry about

Fully taken care of, we arrange everything

A vending machine at your location is free and hassle-free. With a lifetime warranty on the machine, we jump to help in case of malfunctions and maintenance. Oh, and we’re also your point of contact. Good deal, right?

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