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Freshly prepared with local harvest

Pure enjoyment

From broccoli and beets to mushrooms and chicken; all the ingredients you taste in our meals are carefully selected. They come from good farmers (local if possible), are sustainably grown, cultivated or caught and suit the season. Vegetarian or vegan? Then you are also at a plantastic good place at Cheffed’s vending machines.

Together against food waste

Tastes good and feels good

At Cheffed, no meal disappears into the trash. Expiration date reached? We freeze the meals the same day and donate everything once a week to the Voedselbank. Our meals have a small CO2 footprint, packaging is recyclable and for every 5 meals we sell, we plant a tree. At Cheffed, growth equals sustainability. In this way, every day we come one step closer to our ideal: a healthy and green world.

Affordable and ready in 5 minutes!

Ready to eat

With one push of a button you can pull a healthy, well-filled meal from our vending machine. Preparing it is also a piece of cake, literally. Slide it into the microwave for 5 minutes or put it in the oven (a frying pan is also an option) and your pasta, roti or rendang is ready to eat. And all that starting at only 7 euros!

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ready to eat

ready to eat